Gallery Two

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thanatopsis.jpg (800220 bytes)


image 18"x18" $1100

triple trouble.jpg (1000829 bytes)

"Triple Trouble" 

image 18"x24" Watercolor on Canvas 


tempo.jpg (73656 bytes)


watercolor on canvas image 12"x12"  $300


poetry copy.jpg (365472 bytes)

"Poetry" sold

image 30"x22"  $1100

larger old tales.jpg (129556 bytes)

"Old Tales II"

image 30"x22" $1100.00

wild nights.jpg (113253 bytes)

"Wild Nights"

image 22"x30" $1100 SOLD

evening interlude.jpg (710907 bytes)

"Evening Interlude"

image 30"x22" $1100

how to build a bird.jpg (582468 bytes)

"How to Build a Bird"

image 15"x22" $750

plays well with others.jpg (726076 bytes)

"Plays Well with Others"

image 22"x30" $1100


red dog blue dog copy.jpg (789681 bytes)

"Red Dog, Blue Dog"

image 20"x26"  $1100.00 

walk in the rain.jpg (232380 bytes)

"Walk in the Rain" 

 image 26"x20"

paris lights copy.jpg (318926 bytes)

"Paris Lights" SOLD

image 22"x30" $1100


flower market.jpg (169979 bytes)

"Flower Market"

image 22"x30" $1100.00

penny collectors.jpg (945084 bytes)

"Penny Collectors" 

image 22"x30"  $1100


shelter two.jpg (144291 bytes)


image 22"x30" $1100.00

dillettante.jpg (551510 bytes)


image 22"x15" $750

french bakery.jpg (623120 bytes)

"French Bakery"

image 22"x15" $750

saint monday.jpg (529017 bytes)

"Saint Monday"

image 22"x15" $750



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