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To enquire about purchasing work, please contact the artist at: or by Phone at: 503-692-5405.

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child of light copy.jpg (138292 bytes)


"Child of Light"  image 20"x25"

This is my painting for Lake Oswego's Art in the Heart Exhibit, focusing on the book Shadow of the Wind


lollipop.jpg (269227 bytes)


image 15"x21" $950.00 


nightclub.jpg (2822316 bytes)

"Nightclub" sold

image20"x 26"  $1100.00 

nightclub two.jpg (206564 bytes)

"Nightclub II" 

image 15"x22" $950.00

        Copy of curly girl.jpg (1010077 bytes)  

"Curly Girl"

Image 26"x20" $1100

Copy of dance time.jpg (239309 bytes)

"Dance Time" sold 

image 30"x22" $1100

New!  Limited Edition Giclee available

8x10" $45.00   18x24" $130.00


 n1.JPG (207145 bytes)  n2.JPG (262424 bytes) n3.JPG (224867 bytes)

            "Naughty Aunties"                   Limited Edition Print available


Copy of cup of cheer.jpg (170734 bytes)

"Cup of Cheer"

image 13x11" $375  sold


Copy of dress up day.jpg (814596 bytes)

"Dress Up Day"

image 11"x13"  $375

spanish nights.jpg (164619 bytes)

"Spanish Nights"

image 22"x30" $1100.00

daughter of eve.jpg (734164 bytes)

"Daughter of Eve"

image 20"x28" $1100.00

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